Tracey Stebbing

Drawing Is My Passion...

Hello, my name is Tracey Stebbing. I specialise in people and animal portraits. I am self-taught. I have always had a passion for art, being it my favourite subject at school. It was around twenty years ago that I had an idea that I would have a go at copying a character from the BBC Soap Eastenders, which was displayed on the front of the TV Times magazine. Because the soap was so popular they showed a different character every week, so I have a portfolio of over fifty of them! As time went by I moved on from watercolours to acrylics. I started painting other celebrities that were popular at the time. I like drawing and painting faces, as I like the challenge of getting a good likeness!

Welcome To My Art Studio

I have lots of sections on my website to view. I am showing and selling some of my original celebrity canvases, A4 prints and homemade cards. I have drawn for many people whose loved ones or friends have passed on and I feel a portrait might help them in their grief process. I would like to thank you for taking an interest in my website.

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